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TMT Spotlight

By Robert Mattson, Director of Marketing for Talent Management, ADP...

Excerpted from a whitepaper titled “A Holistic View of Talent...

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Following is some hypothetical dialogue, and we at #HRTechChat are willing to bet that a version...

…with human resource technology, that is. What can’t she do? What can he do? What...

Think about that for a moment. A common and healthy reflex to the question in the headline is to...

The alternative headline for today’s #HRTechChat is, “...

TriNet and OCTANe Team Up to Support Southern California Technology Entrepreneurs

NuView Systems Inc. Selected by the WD-40 Company

NuView Will Provide Core HR Functions to New Multi-National Customer

PeopleToPerform and SilkRoad Technology Announce Strategic Partnership

New partnership to provide comprehensive HR consulting services in China by combining best talent management practices with leading edge technologies

Virtusa Awarded Silver Stevie for Human Resources Department of the Year

Company Honored for Meeting Highest Standards of HR Excellence

#HRTechChat Preview: Technology for Inside People

The sun could be out. The temperature could be perfect. Birds could be singing sweet, mellifluous songs of joy from atop every tree, and cute, feral animals could be casting away their fears of humans, running across the lawn to receive your loving pats. Some of us would stay inside.
In the front yard, an old-style boat anchor could be hanging from a tool belt fastened around the waist of a kangaroo pouch–equipped flying monkey hovering 10 feet above the septic system cover. Some of us would still stay inside.

Talent Chaser Launches Globally as the First Evidence-Based Recruitment and Daily Staff Management Software

Chicago, IL – July 19, 2012 – Talent Chaser – - is the first and only evidence-based recruitment and daily staff managementsoftware for SMB and Enterprise-level companies. The fully scalable software assists with the recruitment of personnel and the day-to-day management of staff – two functions which have traditionally operated independentlyfrom one another.

#HRTechChat Preview: Mm, Mm, Mm—Workday's IPO

“Hey, they’re supposed to melt in your mouth, not in your hands!” For over a week, temperatures in New England have flirted with 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and those words are what Brent Skinner, lead co-host of #HRTechChat, said last Thursday to his students, a bunch of young whippersnappers flirting with their late teens and early twenties.

#HRTechChat Preview: “World’s Dumbest…” Edition

Over the weekend, #HRTechChat co-host Brent Skinner’s laptop computer died. For a fraction of a second, the blue screen of death appeared, disappearing before he had the chance to read the error message displaying in Courier-like white font. Just like that, Brent’s long-in-the-tooth Gateway notebook blew up his daily workflow and the past three months of data, which he’d yet to back up on his external hard drive. He had no choice but to go with the flow.

#HRTechChat Preview: Global HCM Needs Intergalactic HR Technology

The technology on display in science fiction films, television shows and cartoons is a marvel to behold. Warp speed and sundry other things are achievable at the flick of a switch flicked at the behest of a bald guy named Patrick Stewart saying, “Engage.” Entire planets are terra-formed in minutes as Val Kilmer looks on.