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TMT Spotlight

By Robert Mattson, Director of Marketing for Talent Management, ADP...

Excerpted from a whitepaper titled “A Holistic View of Talent...

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Following is some hypothetical dialogue, and we at #HRTechChat are willing to bet that a version...

…with human resource technology, that is. What can’t she do? What can he do? What...

Think about that for a moment. A common and healthy reflex to the question in the headline is to...

The alternative headline for today’s #HRTechChat is, “...

Kony Announces the Industry’s Most Versatile Mobile Application Management Solution

Leading MADP vendor delivers complete Mobile Application Management and Enterprise App Store functionality for multi-channel mobile environments

Kony Announces the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Portfolio for Building and Managing Mobile Applications for Employees, Partners and Consumers

New Offerings Will Allow Enterprises to Manage the Entire Multichannel App Lifecycle, from Development and Deployment to Support and Analytics

Jobscience Survey: Facebook is a ‘New Essential’ for Social Recruiting

Jobscience CEO Expects Social Sourcing and Social Employment Branding to Take Off

Jobscience Delivers Facebook Job Board App Integrated with Award-Winning Recruiting Solution

Organizations Centrally Manage Facebook and Website Job Posting within the Same Application


#HRTechChat Recap: The 102 Degree HR Technology Summer

Here, in New England, the mercury hit 102 degrees earlier this week. In our neck of the woods, that's a heat wave, and a good deal hotter than temperatures normally associated with spring. That's because it's not spring right now; it's summer. Duh!

#HRTechChat Preview: Are You My Employer?

As a young boy just beginning to read, #HRTechChat Co-host Brent Skinner had a favorite book, one that had been around for over a decade. “Are You My Mother?” features a young hatchling of a bird of an undisclosed species traipsing about an unfamiliar, increasingly manmade and worrisome landscape as he looks for his mother. Dr. Seuss might have spun the tale. He didn’t, but P. D.

#HRTechChat Preview: What Will the HR Technology Spring Look Like?

This preview comes to you late, but it’s just in time. It’s for #HRTechChat Episode Twenty-One, which takes place today. Yes, our new day is Friday, and our new time of day is 1pm ET / 10am PT. This week, for our metaphor, we’re turning to the current events of global geopolitics. In ways, an HR Technology Spring is upon us, and in ways it resembles both positive and negative aspects of the Arab Spring—which also comes late, but just in time.

#HRTechChat Preview: What’s He Building in There?

If you’re not a fan of Tom Waits, that’s OK. He’s an acquired taste, one that some never acquire. Last time we checked, his 1988 movie, titled “Big Time,” was on Netflix. Try watching that movie. See what we mean.

#HRTechChat Rewind: ADP in the Spotlight

The alternate headline is “#HRTechChat Second Helping: Talent Management Has Never Tasted This Good,” and that's because today's recap isn’t a recap at all: It’s a rewind plus a second helping of conversation and debate over tasty talent management technology. Mm, what a feast!

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